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Because two heads are always better than one, the 113 Multitasker is Niré’s first dual-sided blending brush and was purposefully designed to be the brush that does it all.

Featuring both a classically flat and tapered brush for precise application and a domed and fluffy brush for seamless blending, the 113 is Niré’s most versatile make-up brush yet. Designed to be the ultimate concealer brush, it cleverly combines two essential brush shapes making it possible to also apply everything from eyeshadow, highlighter, lipstick and more.

How to use the 113 Multitasker


STEP No. 01

Use the flat tapered side of the 113 to apply concealer to any problem areas such as under the eyes and to conceal blemishes. Use the flat side of the brush rather than the tip for a smoother application and to build any additional coverage you might need.


STEP No. 02

Once you have applied concealer to the desired areas, use the opposite side of the brush to blend it out. The soft and fluffy brush head is designed to blend out both powders and creams for a silky smooth finish. Do this by blending out in small circular motions to minimise any harsh lines or creasing.



STEP No. 01

Create a base or transition colour for your eye looks by first using the domed and fluffy brush head to apply eyeshadow in the crease and underneath the eyes if desired. Use the tip to apply the eyeshadow in the crease and then blend out in circular motions as this will help create a more blended and seamless eye look.


STEP No. 02

Take your eyeshadow to the next level by adding another colour across the lid. The flat and tapered side of the 113 is narrowly shaped to allow for precise application. Use the flat side of the brush to sweep eyeshadow across the centre of the lid. You can do this multiple times to build up colour intensity. You can also take the tip of the brush and use it with eyeshadow to line underneath your eyes or your waterline with precision for a more dramatic effect.


STEP No. 03

Take the fluffy end of the brush again and use it in circular motions to blend the two colours together. You won’t need to add any more pigment to the brush to do this. Once you are happy with the blend you can use the fluffy end of the brush and dip the tip into shimmer or highlighter, then apply it to the inner corners of your eyes and underneath your brow bone for the perfect finishing touch.



STEP No. 01

Take the fluffy end of your 113 Multitasker and dip it in powder, cream, or liquid highlighter. Then apply this to the high points of your face that you would like to highlight e.g. cheekbones, the cupid’s bow, and the bridge of the nose. Remember to blend it out in small circular motions for a natural finish.



STEP No. 01

After applying lip primer to prepare your lips, take the flat and tapered side of your 113 brush and load it with your favourite lipstick, gloss, or balm. When applying bold or bright colours, use the tip of the brush to first line the lips for extra precision around more complex areas like the cupid’s bow.


STEP No. 02

Once you have lined your lips, use the flat side of the brush to apply your lip product across the larger areas of your lips and to fill in any gaps.


Want to see the 113 Multitasker in action?

Check out this mini tutorial by our founder Erin Graybill on all the ways you can use your 113