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How to Guides

How do you use your Niré Beauty brushes?

Here are some of the purposes we had in mind when we designed them: 


Apply liquid and cream foundations, powder, blush, contour and highlight products for an airbrushed look. Use damp.
Tapered point ensures precise placement of contour and highlight products; extra soft bristles diffuse and blend for a seamless finish. Gorgeous highlighting has never been this easy.
Extra soft bristles to blend powders and bronzers seamlessly for an instant airbrushed look. Pick up the perfect amount of loose powder for a silky - smooth application every time.


Multi-function brush perfect for matte or shimmer blush as well as highlighting. Soft bristles ensure the perfect smooth blend.


Conceal and colour correct under eye darkness, pigmentation and blemishes. Bonus: use as an eyeshadow blending brush to pick-up pigment and create the perfect blend.


Apply skincare products, primers, liquid and cream foundations for a flawless base. Also, great for building up coverage with mineral powder foundation.
Soft and dense, this brush can be used with powder, liquid or cream products to apply blush, bronzer or contour to create your ideal defined look.


Super soft, tapered and dense, this is the perfect brush to apply and blend liquid or cream products for the delicate under-eye area - try tapping over eye-concealer to set.


Ideal for diffusing a range of colours: from applying and blending liquid, cream or mineral foundation to applying powder, bronzer or an airbrush-blend contour the


This brush has the perfect feather-light density to create a gradual and blended
highlight, preventing a severe highlight ‘line’ look.


The flat tip of this brush helps to perfectly apply and blend primer or base on the
eyelids, buff out concealer, or to blend and diffuse contour lines.


Dense and super soft, this angled brush is perfect to diffuse eyeshadow in the crease and highlight the brow bone. Also great for nose contour.


Apply and blend liquid or cream make-up, or use the tapered end to blend out cream eye shadows to achieve a perfectly blended smoky eye look.


Great solution for dark circles under the eyes, blemishes and redness. Can also be used to diffuse any streaks left by foundation or harsh contour lines or as a precise highlighter.


A classic brush to cover the small imperfections in difficult-to-reach areas, also
used as a precise eyeshadow brush to apply precise pigment in the crease.



Fill in and blend the perfect arch: Precise application of brow products; as well as gel and liquid liners.


Slanted design ensures controlled placement of colour and blending. Use to apply highlighter under your brow arch for the perfect finishing touch.


A lavishly soft-bristled eyeshadow brush for building colour intensity or creating a blended transition between shades.


Blend and diffuse eyeshadows seamlessly for professional results. When blending two eyeshadow colours together, use small swirling motions for the perfect transition.


Precise placement of eyeshadows, pigments and glitter. Also, great for cream eyeshadows.

Bonus: can be used as a concealer brush for detailed blemish corrections.


Tapered to a perfect point to help smudge eyeshadows and liners along the lash line. Apply eyeshadow in the crease, blend edges evenly and create a fabulously shaded smoky eye effect.


Suitable for use with all gel/liquid liners; created super fine precise lines. Glides smoothly on the skin without dragging or pulling.

You can never have too many fluffy brushes like this one. Super soft, perfectly tapered, and soft, this brush is versatile: use to slowly build up the eyeshadow pigment in layers and then seamlessly blend the pigment out. 


Your brows, your way! Create your custom spoolie by gently bending the longer side of this brush to set the shape. Use the smaller side to brush the inner brows up and also to remove mascara clumps, perfecting your lash look.


Extra soft bristles blend powders and bronzers seamlessly for an instant airbrushed look.


Multi function brush perfect for contouring, highlighting, and to add a
pop of colour to the cheeks.


Apply skincare products, primers, liquid and cream foundations for a flawless



Conceal and colour correct under eye darkness, pigmentation and blemishes.
Even application of eyeshadows; perfect for building colour intensity.


Blend and diffuse eyeshadows seamlessly for pro results.


Precise application of gel and liquid liners, as well as brow products.


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