Warranty  Details

Niré Beauty 1 year Warranty

All Niré Beauty products are made to last and come with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. If (in the rare case) there is an issue and your product fails due to a manufacturing defect, we will replace it or refund you the full amount paid.

If you purchased a Niré Beauty makeup brush set and one of the products in the set is defective, we will replace this product. If the product purchased is not available anymore, you have the option to choose another one in the same collection that equals the price of the product purchased. 

*** This warranty covers manufacturing defects up to one year after original purchase date, regardless of how many times it has been used.


Before requesting a replacement or a refund for your product, you should know...

Our brushes are lovingly hand-crafted without the use of animal products. This process has proved very successful for the quality of our brushes and always looked for ways to take it to the next level. However, some slight bristles shedding may occur when the brushes are used for the first few times. Also, sometimes a slight finishing scent may be present when first removed from the case. This aspects are completely normal and will quickly disappear. However, we always suggest washing your brushes before first use.

Washing your brushes correctly can prevent them from breakage or shedding during the application.

To see how to wash your brushes, please read our article on `How to use your Pureform Silicone brush cleaning tool?`

If your brush is shedding consistently, please let us know. This situation is not normal and it may be due to a manufacturing issue. Please note though that misused or abused products will not be covered by the Niré Beauty warranty. If we consider the defects were not due to manufacturing, we reserve the right to refuse your request.

How to claim a refund/ replacement for a defective product?

The quality of Niré Beauty products is of the highest importance to us, but even with our careful quality checks occasionally a defective product can slip through.

In this case, please send us an email at info@nirebeauty.com and our Customer Care team will try its best to help you.

Please attach the following to your email:

  • A copy of your invoice or the email you got from us when the purchase was made;
  • Pictures with the defective products - the pictures need to have a decent quality and show the defects as clear as possible. In case the manufacturing details cannot be visible from these pictures, we may ask you to post the product to identify the cause of the damage.

***Both the pictures and the invoice are also helpful for our quality control team to investigate what happened to your product, so having them is very important for us.

Your request will be processed by our team and you will receive a response in maximum 3 days.