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Article: 5 Tips For Fresh Fluffy Brushes

5 Tips For Fresh Fluffy Brushes

5 Tips For Fresh Fluffy Brushes

Hey Beauties!

Save these 5 tips for keeping your brushes fresh and fluffy even after washing!

  1. Do NOT use hot water on your brushes as this can damage the fibres and the handles. Use lukewarm water to keep them in perfect condition.
  2. Always point your brush head facing down! You do not want any water to get inside the ferrule (the metal band connecting the handle to the brush fibres) as this can loosen the glue. (This is what causes brushes to snap and break).
  3. You don’t have to buy expensive brush shampoo but you should be using a gentle soap like baby shampoo (normal soap can be too harsh and cause your brushes to dry out).
  4. Drying your brushes is the most important step! Dry them with the brush head angled downwards so that no water can run inside your brushes.
  5. Use brush nets to help them keep their shape. Don’t throw away the nets you get with new brushes, you can pop them back on after washing to help them retain their original shape and prevent hairs from fraying.

Hope this helps and happy washing!

With Love,
Niré Beauty