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Niré Beauty Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

Last updated on 17/12/2021

Here at Niré Beauty, we respect the privacy of our consumers. Furthermore, we consider that simply complying with the General Data Protection Act (GDPR) is not enough, as we want our website users to understand exactly what data is processed, how and why. Thus, we’re trying to keep things short and simple. We hope 5 minute read can answer any questions you may have.

  1. Personal Data

1.1 Personal Data (PD) is generated every time the user interacts with the website https://nirebeauty.com/.

1.2 We do not proactively generate or store any personal data without the consent of the user.

1.3 We consider that consent is granted when the user inserts and submits their personal data within the website as part of his browsing process.

Personal data can be:

  1. a) First name, last name, email address or date of birth which can be generated as part of the newsletter subscription process, giveaways or competitions, contacting process through the contact form, account creation or by making a purchase in our online shop.
  2. b) Phone number and address, generated as part of creating an account and buying from our online shop, or registering in a competition.
  3. c) Social media contact or personal details (i.e. your proficiency or interest in makeup artistry) generated as part of registering in a competition or giveaway.
  4. d) Payment information which includes credit and debit card numbers, bank account numbers and sort codes, generated when buying from our online shop.


2. How we use your Personal Data

2.1 Your First name, last name, email address or date of birth can be used for sending promotional materials, company news, order and delivery notifications.

2.2 We will only use your phone number and addressfor delivering the goods to you.

2.3 Your social media contact can be used to contact you when there is an issue with the email address you registered with us. For example, if you entered a competition or joined our email list for a discount code, and your email address does not work, we may attempt to reach you through a tag, direct message, or promotional post on social media. Personal details that you may have entered as part of the competition (i.e. your proficiency or interest in makeup artistry) can be used to personalise the content of the emails we send you.

2.3 We will only use yourPayment informationfor processing the payments of the goods purchased from our website.


3. Third Party

3.1 We will not pass your personal data to any third party without asking for your permission.

3.2 We will never sell your personal data to any third party.

3.3 Any related services and offerings linked to nirebeauty.com will have their own privacy statements. Since we do not have control over the policies or practices of any third parties we may work with, we are not responsible for respective privacy practices. We recommend you review all policies before you provide any personal information.


4. Third Party Data Processor

4.1 Data Processors work together with us in order to fulfil a service requested by the user.

4.2 Niré Beauty’s partners (data processors) have worked proactively to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation. However, they do have their own privacy statements and policies which we recommend checking on their websites.

4.3 Our newsletter services are provided through MailChimp, which has granted access to first name, last name, email address of our customers.Here is where you can find more about MailChimp`s Privacy Policy andTerms.

4.4 Information about giveaways or competitions are processed by Mailmunch.  Here is where you can find more about Mailmunch`s Privacy Policy. Other information about giveaways and competitions is then provided through MailChimp.

4.5 Mailmunch and Mailchimp have been granted access to first name, last name, email address, date of birth, Social Media Contact, country of residence and the proficiency or interest in makeup artistry of those who chose to enter the aforementioned giveaways and competitions.

4.6 Our store is hosted on Shopify Inc. They provide us with the online e-commerce platform that allows us to sell our products to you. Shopifycollects your name, email, shipping and billing address, payment details, company name, phone number, IP address, information about orders you initiate, information about the Shopify-supported merchant stores that you visit, and information about the device and browser you use so they can improve the Services they offer to us.Your data is stored through Shopify’s data storage, databases and the general Shopify application. They store your data on a secure server behind a firewall. Please seeShopify Privacy Policyfor more details.

4.7 Payment processing is made through a secure server in partnership with Stripe. Niré Beauty does not store your financial details.Here is where you can find more about Stripe`s Privacy Policy.

4.8 Delivery information is handled by our warehouse provider and delivery provider, The Storage Place.


5. Cookies

5.1 Cookies are small text files created by our website to ‘maintain the state’ of your session.

5.2 Cookies are stored on the user’s hard drives and they can either be temporary or permanent.

5.3 Any user can manually delete one’s stored cookies by using the ‘clear cookies’ function on one’s browser.

5.4 The user can choose not to store cookies, but this may affect one’s browsing experience on our website.

5.5 These are the cookies we currently use on our website:

Shopify Cookies

We use Shopify as our sales platform. Here is a list with the cookies used by Shopify and their function:  




landing_page  _orig_referrer

Used toTrack landing pages.

_s;  _shopify_fs; _shopify_uniq; _shopify_y; _y

used for Shopify analytics

_shopify_sa_p; _shopify_ga

Used for Shopify analytics relating to marketing & referrals.

Cart_sig; checkout_token

Used in connection with checkout.

Secure_customer_sig shopify_pay Smart-payment-buttons-experiment-mpo-clarity tracked_start_checkout

These cookies are used by our online shop platform Shopify. They track visits to the shop and provide key functionality for processing shop orders and collecting payments.


Please visitShopify Privacy Policyfor more details.

Hubspot cookies

We use Hubspot to track our website activity and personalise the user journey whilst on our site.  HubSpot's tracking code sets the following cookies, when you visit our site:





The main cookie for tracking visitors. It contains: the domain, utk (see below), initial timestamp (first visit), last timestamp (last visit), current timestamp (this visit), and session number (increments for each subsequent session)


Whenever HubSpot changes the session cookie, this cookie is also set. We set it simply to the value "1", and use it to determine if the user has restarted their browser. If this cookie does not exist when we manage cookies, we assume it is a new session


This cookie is used for to keep track of a visitor's identity. This cookie is passed to HubSpot on form submission and used when de-duplicating contacts.


This cookie is used to recognize visitors who chat with us via the messages tool. If the visitor leaves the site before they're added as a contact, they will have this cookie associated with their browser. If we have a history of chatting with a visitor and they return to our site later in the same cookied browser, themessages tool will load our conversation history with that visitor.


Please visit Hubspot Privacy Policy for more details.

Other Third Party cookies:




Used to remember whether the user have agreed or disagreed to our website using cookies.

APISID, HSID, NID, PREF, SAPISID, SID, SNID, SSID __utma, __utmb, __utmx, __utmz, _ga, kh

Cookies associated with Google maps and used to display a user-friendly map and location designations.

_ga; _gid

Used for Google Analytics, so we can understand how visitors use our website. Based on this information we can tailor the website to the needs of visitors.


Cookies used by Google to help customise ads on Google properties, like Google Search.


Used to store a the logged in user’s username and a 128bit encrypted key. This information is required to allow a user to stay logged in to a web site without needing to submit their username and password for each page visited. Without this cookie, a user is unable to proceed to areas of the web site that require authenticated access.


Used to identify individual clients behind a shared IP address and apply security settings on a per-client basis. For example, if the visitor is in a coffee shop where there are a bunch of infected machines, but the specific visitor's machine is trusted, the cookie allows us to identify that client and not challenge them again.

__insp_norec_sess  __insp_nv __insp_slim __insp_targlpt  __insp_targlpu __insp_wid -

We use Inspectlet for web analytics to obtain statistical data navigation. Please see the Inspectlet Privacy policy for more details.

__lotl __lotr  lo_session_in

We use the Lucky Orange analytics system to help improve usability and the customer experience. This service uses cookies for reports about the use of our website. You can view the privacy policy of this service provider athttps://www.luckyorange.com.

__sharethis_cookie_test__  __unam

Used by the ShareThis service and monitors “click-stream” activity, e.g. web pages viewed and navigated, and time spent on pages.


We use the__zlcmid provided byZopim to offer live customer service chat on our Site. Please visitZopim Privacy Policy for details.

_mailmunch_session; mailmunch_second_pageview

We use Mailmunch to create landing pages for competitions and giveaways; These two cookies are used for Mailmunch analytics so we can improve our landing pages.

_privy_489BD3C58FC1161734BDB102  privy_signedup_326738 Privy_suppress_742561

We use Privy for pop up messages. Privy uses these cookies for  to provide additional functionality to the services offered and help them analyze the services usage more accurately. Please visitPrivy Privacy Policyfor more details.


Used to aid the functionality of the website, and personalisation.


Used to enable the basket function on our store to open and save your first selection, this enables you to return to the store after viewing the basket and continue shopping.

optimizelyBuckets  optimizelyEndUserId optimizelySegments

Optimizely is used as an A/B testing solution. The service is provided by Optimizely, Inc.. The cookies hold short alphanumeric string values to store page variant and experiment data. The cookies do not store any personally identifiable information.

Remember_me remember_user_token

Used when the visitor selects theRemember me check box on the login page or checkout.


5. Request Data

5.1 Any user has the right to request a copy of one’s personal information and to ask for any amends on this information. Please send your enquiries to the data privacy officer at admin@nirebeauty.com.

5.2 We will make all acceptable efforts to provide, correct or delete personal information about any customer that is on our records.

Niré Beauty values your privacy and the security of your data. We are committed to protecting our customers’ privacy and will always process their personal information in accordance with the Data Protection Act and any other relevant legislation.