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Article: How To Pack Your Make-up Brushes For Travel

How To Pack Your Make-up Brushes For Travel

How To Pack Your Make-up Brushes For Travel

Hey beauties, 

August has arrived, the sun is shining, and the summer holiday season is officially in full swing! Thinking of jetting off somewhere exotic for a few days of fun in the sun and want your make-up to look glowing and gorgeous as you do just that? Here are our top travel tips for looking after your brushes when you’re jetting off, flying high, or on-the-go.

    1. Never throw away your brush nets
      If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times — the plastic brush nets that arrive on your brushes are yours to keep… forever! Don’t make the mistake of throwing them away when you first use your brushes like most people do. The brush nets are actually designed to be reused over and over again and protect your brushes from damage or losing their shape, so they’re crucial for when you’re on the move with your brushes. Replace the brush net after each use and protect your brushes from getting misshapen in your bag or suitcase. It’s so easy and so effective! P.S. You can even bundle small thinner brushes up and into one brush net. 

      Makeup brushes protected by brush nets

    2. Invest in a storage capsule
      Is there anything more infuriating than getting your brushes out of your make-up bag only to find them covered in bits of eyeshadow or streaks of foundation which then ends up all over your hands? Keep your brushes clean and hygienic and reduce the risk of them getting broken in your make-up bag by investing in a good brush storage capsule. Our premium storage capsules are not only sleek and stylish, but designed to lovingly protect all your favourite brushes and products as well as saving you precious luggage space. Just open it up, pop your ride-or-die make-up brushes inside, close it up and take it with you wherever you go! It’s a foolproof way of keeping your brushes organised and in perfect condition, whether you’re dragging them along to a music festival, jetting off to a sunny island, or taking a cultural city break. Our storage capsule not only fits perfectly in your bag, but also looks great on a dressing table too! It's the ultimate two in one storage solution to all your brush problems.

      Makeup brush storage capsule

    3. Keep your make-up in a separate bag
      There’s nothing worse than your make-up staining your brushes and your brushes then staining your make-up bag. End that pesky cycle now by keeping all your favourite beauty items clean and in good condition by separating your make-up from your brushes. You can do this by either by putting them in different makeup pouches or, even better, by keeping your brushes in a capsule so that your make-up bag doesn’t get covered in product. Trust us when we say this is a really easy way to keep your brushes and your products safe from 'bumping' into each other while you're in transit and will also save you so much time rummaging through your bursting make-up bag trying to find that one eyeliner that’s slipped right to the bottom of the bag.

    4. Take micellar water to give them a quick clean
      We know you want to spend all your time sunning, eating, swimming, and dancing, but don’t forget to take a couple of minutes out to keep your brushes nice and clean. If you don’t have enough space in your bag for a brush cleaner, just take a travel-sized bottle of micellar water and give them a quick cleanse after each use. This will help prevent the build up of old products or the transfer of oils and bacteria to your face which can cause breakouts (not what you need when you’re busy living your best life on holiday). Just give your brushes a quick cleanse with some micellar water and a cotton pad or wipe until you have time to give them a deeper clean at home. Remember to store them properly for drying with the brush head pointing down so that no water runs inside the brushes as this can loosen the glue. Top tip: Cleanse your brushes, pop your brush net back on to keep their shape, put them into your brush capsule and then turn the capsule upside down whilst they dry off. 

Have an amazing summer everyone, let us know if any of these tips work for you, and don’t forget to tag us in all your summer make-up looks on social media!