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Niré 550 Lip Brush Guide

How to use your Niré 550 Lip Brush in 4 easy steps

The Niré classic lip brush was designed for the precise application of both lipstick and liquid formulas, enabling the creation of a defined and fuller lip. The lip brush comes with a cap-closure feature so you can protect your make-up bag and handbag from getting lipstick everywhere between touch ups!

Step 1

Begin by making sure the lips are prepped by ensuring any previous makeup has been removed and the lips are moisturised.

Step 2

Use lip liner as a base: for a bold, glamorous and long-lasting look apply lip liner to the entire surface of the lip before applying a matching colour of lipstick. This technique aids even coverage and better adheres the lipstick for a longer lasting look.

Step 3

Apply product to the brush, making sure to dab off any excess. Draw a cross in line with the natural contours of the cupids bow to aid precision and aid symmetrical application.

Step 4

Begin by using the tip of the brush to define the outline of the lips; following the natural contours of the lips and paying particular attention to the cupid’s bow. Fill in the rest of the lips with the flat part of the brush, start off gradually and build up the colour in layers.

Quick Tip

Build up more lipstick onto the lip brush and close the lid to ensure you are ready for a quick reapplication when on the go! This also saves having to carry the lipstick bullet.

Pro MUA Tips and Trends

  • Contour: Create a contoured effect for fuller lips: use a shade darker to outline the lips and a lighter shade on the inside of the lips, making sure to blend the colours, creating a natural plump look. Or dust on translucent powder or light eyeshadow with the Niré 203 to make the lips appear plumper. Apply gloss with the Niré 550 lip brush after the contour is set.
  • Mattify: Use loose powder to mattify any look: place a thin piece of tissue over the lips and brush a thin layer of translucent powder over the top with the Niré 205, this sets the lipstick and mattifies it for a longer lasting effect.
  • Prevent Smudging: Use translucent powder and a slanted brush like the Niré 201 around the outside of the lip line: this prevents bleeding and smudging.
  • Get Creative: Don’t be afraid to make a statement. Whether you are going for everyday glam or planning a creative festival look.

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