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Niré Beauty Pureform Cleaning Tool Guide




The Niré Pureform cleaning tool is like a mini washing-board for your brushes

Made from silicone, the Pureform Tool has two different surfaces, smaller knobs at the top and grooves across the sides. The smaller knobs are used for the lathering and cleaning of smaller brushes while the horizontal grooves are used to agitate the bristles just enough so they release product build up and dirt. The grooves are perfect for cleaning bigger face brushes as there is often a lot of dirty old makeup stuck inside them!




Did you know, you should be cleaning your makeup brushes once a week?


No. 01

Unclean brushes contain bacteria, which can cause acne and clogged pores.

No. 02

Dirty brushes do not perform as well as clean ones, since caked-on makeup can get in the way of an even application and mess up the intended colour.

No. 03

Unwashed bristles get dry and brittle thanks to leftover makeup, which can cause skin irritation (not to mention blackheads)

No. 04

Washing your brushes keeps the bristles soft and flexible, making them last longer and work like new.

5 easy steps to using your Niré Pureform Brush Cleaner

When cleaning your makeup brushes, water is involved. Most people allow their brushes to dry laying on a flat surface, but this allows water to seep into the ferrule of the brush and this water may affect the glue holding the bristles together. To avoid this, prop the handle-side of your brushes up and gravity will help to pull out water left inside the brush after washing.

STEP No. 01

Wet makeup brush by running it under the tap. Be careful not to get the ferrule and handle too wet, this can loosen the glue inside your brushes.


STEP No. 02

Apply a mild cleaning solvent like shampoo or washing up liquid on the Pureform tool. You can either hold the Pureform tool in your hand or put your fingers inside - whichever way is more comfortable for you.


STEP No. 03

Twirl your makeup brush around on the Pureform cleaner to lather it up with soap suds. Do this on the smaller knobs if it is a more delicate brush, and across the main grooves if it is a larger brush.



STEP No. 04

Rub the brush around and from side-to-side over the grooves to get rid of stubborn makeup and dirt. Make sure that the soap gets well into the brush fibres. Rinse and repeat until you can’t see any more makeup colour in the soap suds.


STEP No. 05

Final rinse holding the brush facing downwards under a stream of clean, warm water, gently pulling down on the fibres. Lastly, let your brushes dry on a tilted surface with the handle side HIGHER than the brush bristle side. This is the most important thing to remember so your brushes can work brilliantly, longer.


We hope you enjoy your new Niré Beauty Makeup Brush Set!