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Article: BRUSHING UP ON the Talented British Artist @mua_hay

BRUSHING UP ON the Talented British Artist @mua_hay
Brushing Up On ...

BRUSHING UP ON the Talented British Artist @mua_hay

Hello Beauties and happy summer to all!

As much as we’re excited about the summer, we’re equally thrilled to introduce our new blog series called 'Brushing Up On ...'

Our deep love and devotion to all things makeup, also means that we are crazy about our favourite MUAs and we want to know EVERYTHING about them! And we’re not just talking about their blending techniques or their go-to summer looks; no, we want to go deeper. Star signs, dream celebrity clients, cringey career moments… We’re on a mission to suss it all out!

The first MUA we chose to feature in the series is one of our stunning gems, Hayley. As we are supporting our Hay’s event for the London pride at the W Hotel in July, we thought it’s a great time for us all to get to know her a little better. 

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So read on, and get all Brushed Up On the talented @mua_hay!

  • What’s your full/real name, Instagram handle and where you are from/living now?
    My name is Hayley McCourt aka @mua_hay. I'm from London and currently live with my little dog Miley who takes over my stories on insta from time to time.
  • What’s your star sign? How true /false is yours to you?
    I am a Libra, I don't believe too much in star signs, but mine is pretty accurate 😂😂 I'm sometimes terrible at making decisions!

  • When did you really get into makeup and what inspired you to start?
    I got into makeup when I was 18. I was modeling at the time, but im pretty short so I was only doing commercial work. Let's all just imagine me with long hair for a second 🙈
    Anyway, I had always loved makeup, being creative and wanted to work in fashion, so makeup was a logical next step for me.
    When I first tried to sign up to a course my mum threw the papers away... I guess, she wanted me to be normal and academic 🤷🏼‍ I managed to get on a two year course, in the end, learning everything from bridal to SFX, and the rest is history.

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  • If you could have your makeup done by any MUA, who would it be and why?
    I pretty much want to live my life as a rainbow skull, so if @annalingis could hook that up I'd be forever grateful.

  • What’s your dream celebrity client? It can be anyone: current celebrities or someone from the past.
    Prince has been my idol for years and I'm pretty sure I could have convinced him into wearing purple glitter...

  • How would you describe your signature makeup style?
    I draw inspiration from everywhere, so I have a list of looks I want to do. But my most favourite thing is creating something colourful, unexpected and there will most likely be drips of colourful body paint, because I can’t help myself.

  • If you had to go to an event wearing only one piece of makeup, what would you choose (brows, lipstick, mascara, bronzer…)?
    Does a full face of glitter count?

  • What makeup trend are you loving right now and what trend do you kinda wish would end?
    I think it's a shame to just follow trends when it's comes to makeup; there are so many possibilities and I think you should wear anything that makes you feel comfortable and sassy. Saying that, what was up with that wavy brow trend??

  • One look you wish you could ‘slay’, but you’re still working on it or simply feel like you can’t pull it off?
    Again, wavy brows 😂

  • What’s the proudest moment in your makeup career?
    Halloween is my favourite time of the year, hands down, so one year I decided to hold a makeup event. Year by year it has grown into something where I'm so busy that I don't even have time to go to the bathroom, but I wouldn't change it for the world.

  • What’s your most embarrassing makeup moment (with a client or yourself)?
    I used to work for a makeup brand in store and we had a client that came in with a used palette, claiming she had bought a new one and this is what she had gotten. We all knew that she had clearly just put her old pallette in the new box, but she was so loud and angry we gave her a new one just to make her leave.

  • If you could only choose three Niré Beauty brushes to do a full face, which 3 would it be?
    The fluffy blending brush is my absolute favourite thing in life, so that must be number one. Secondly, I love how soft the flat top kabuki foundation brush is and I use the edge for contouring and blush too. Lastly, it has to be the retractable pro lip brush: it looks so cool that I get compliments on it all the time.

  • Golden Question: Truth or Dare
    Always dare! 

TBC... 😏😏😏

We hope you loved #BrushingUpOn the gorgeous and talented @mua_hay! Why not take her three Niré favourites home for 15% off + free shipping?! Just add all three brushes to your cart and use MUAHAY15 at checkout. We can’t wait to see what you create!