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Article: Get that glow with the 135 Face and Body Kabuki

Get that glow with the 135 Face and Body Kabuki

Get that glow with the 135 Face and Body Kabuki

Sometimes the best things come in small packages… 

Our new 135 Face and Body Kabuki may be small, but boy is she mighty! The newest addition to our Niré brush family, the 135 is our new favourite companion when it comes to versatility, and best of all, it fits perfectly in any bag.

Want to learn how to make make-up magic with the 135? Full glow recipe below! 

With its large and fluffy brush head, the 135 is the perfect partner for your favourite foundation. Working like a dream with body mineral and liquid foundations, just apply your foundation of choice to your face before seamlessly buffing it on in circular motions. 

Hate it when your make-up disappears or creases in all the wrong places? Your new go-to brush for setting your make-up with loose or pressed powder and on the move top-ups, use the 135 to lightly buff powder all over your face. Not only will it help keep your make-up in place and stop you from looking shiny or oily, but it also feels like a feather-soft dream — you’ll be stroking it all day long! 

Need a bit of a top-up for a sun-kissed Summer glow? Warm up your looks by sweeping bronzer or a warm-toned blush across your cheeks and up towards your temples and forehead. For a sunkissed glow you can simply dust bronzer all over your face, but to add a bit of extra definition, use your 135 to sweep bronzer or contour under your cheekbones and jaw and along your temples for a subtly sculpted look. 

Take your glow up to the next level by pairing your 135 with your favourite powder, cream, or liquid highlighting products. Swirl the 135 in highlighter or shimmer, then lightly apply it to the high points of your face like your chin, nose, cupid’s bow, and the top of your cheekbones. And don’t forget, with the 135 you don’t just have to stick to your face.  With its large and densely packed brush head, the 135 was carefully designed for use on the body too. So, finish off your look by taking your highlighter to new realms: add it to your collar bones, shoulders, and anywhere else you’d like to add a pop of shimmer and off you glow!