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Article: Our Top 5 Fun Facts About The Eyes to Brows Brush Set

Our Top 5 Fun Facts About The Eyes to Brows Brush Set

Our Top 5 Fun Facts About The Eyes to Brows Brush Set

Hey beauties, we’re back with a shiny new brush set to tell you all about!

Have you met our newest eye brush collection, the Eyes to Brows Brush set? For those of you that don’t follow us on Instagram (yet) we’d love to introduce you to our latest collection of 8 amazing eye make-up tools.

Here’s our top 5 fun facts about the Eyes to Brows Brush Set:

  1. She’s already a multi-award winner
    An award winner already?! That’s right. Before this amazing new eye set even launched it captured the attention and the hearts of the judges at the Global Makeup Awards Scandinavia taking home Gold place for Best Makeup Tool.
    The judges said: “the brushes are the perfect combination to create well blended eyeshadow looks as well as tame unruly brows. What we really loved is that each brush has written what it is for on the side, meaning you know exactly what you are doing in each stage of your makeup application.”
    In fact the judges loved the brushes and the tweezers so much, they decided to give the Slanted Tweezers their very own Silver award for Best Beauty Tool which brings us to our next fun fact…

  1. Tweezers are included for FREE
    Since Team Niré understands that no eye look is ever complete without the perfect pair of brows to frame it with, we decided to do something that no one’s ever dared to do before… include our award-winning tweezers for free — the perfect find for beauty lovers who appreciate well-groomed brows. Our much-loved tweezers and 7 essential eye brushes can be all yours right now for just £24.95 — talk about the ultimate brush bundle...

  1. It contains hidden compliments just for you
    One of Team Niré’s best kept secrets that some of you may or may not have discovered for yourselves… Here at Niré HQ we’re all about confidence and empowerment to help you look good and feel even better. That’s why our eco-friendly packaging even comes with little compliments hidden inside for you to find and remind you just how beautiful you are. Let the treasure hunt begin and never underestimate the power of positive affirmations and paying someone a compliment. 

  1. New fibres for the ultimate (luxe)blend
    If you know Niré, then you’ll also know that we’re all about ethical and sustainable beauty. That’s why we’re committed to being a vegan-friendly and cruelty-free beauty brand and all our super soft brush fibres are actually synthetic as opposed to squirrel or goat hair. You might be familiar with our signature brown LuxePro fibres from previous brush sets, but this time we decided to take it up a level. Our only eye brush collection to feature our new and exciting white LuxeBlend fibres, with the Eyes to Brows Brush Set your eye make-up game will never be the same. 

    What’s so special about these white fibres? Using the latest brush technology, our LuxeBlend fibres are not only super soft and fluffy, but designed to perform better than traditional animal hairs by picking up more pigment for bolder looks and smoother blends. Give them a try and watch the blend circles around your old animal hair brushes — we dare you! 

  1. Brushes, designs, combos… it’s all new!
    There are a lot of cool facts about this new collection but we just had to give the top spot to the most important thing… the brushes! We asked ourselves what would make the perfect combination of eye tools for you regardless of skill level and eye shape and we came up with this unique all-inclusive combination of brushes so that you have everything you need, literally, from eyes to brows. 

    So what exactly does this set include? We took the classic 203 Large Eyeshadow and 206 Pencil from our core Artistry Set, our can’t-live-without 208 Fluffy Blending brush from our Kabuki collection, the dual-sided and incredibly versatile 211 Insta-brows and 318 Lavish blending from our award-winning Essential Glow Set, added our insta-famous 317 Luxe Eyeshadow and Slanted Tweezers then designed an exclusive never-before-seen brush: the 2018 Precision Shader. It’s the ultimate combination of tools to make sure your eyes (and brows) are always popping and their eyes are always on you...