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Article: Anna Lingis and Lo Diaz Using Niré Brushes in Their Masterclass in London

Anna Lingis and Lo Diaz Using Niré Brushes in Their Masterclass in London

Anna Lingis and Lo Diaz Using Niré Brushes in Their Masterclass in London

Hello Beauties,

It’s the first time we are reaching out to you in a different form than a social media post or a customer service email. Yes, it took us a while to write the first blog post, but we promise we’ll try to make up to you (DISCLAIMER: more geeky MUA puns to follow!).

From the humble beginnings as a brand first sold on Amazon, Niré Beauty grew from strength to strength and we’re now proud to have our own independent website, well engaged social media presence and to be cult-favourite on Amazon in the UK and Europe. With many exciting plans ahead, we thought we’d start sharing our journey and all the inspiring lessons we learn along the way.

One of the nicest surprises we had since starting our journey was discovering how open and supportive the makeup community is. Meeting MUAs via social media, networking or simply through mutual friends opened up a whole new playground to us, as we started getting involved in makeup masterclasses with some incredibly talented artists.

Niré Beauty has provided brushes for our fellow Geordie glam king  Gord George, the famous cruelty-free beauty advocate Stephanie Lange, the brow master Aimée Evans and the bridal makeup extraordinaire Kate Rodgers. With a mix of visual and practical classes, each was unique and absolute pleasure to be part of. Now that we reflect on it, we wish we shared our lessons from working with these talented MUAs, but you shan’t worry – we’re starting to share from now on!

Recently we got incredibly lucky to get involved in the Glitter and Glam day course organised by the celebrity makeup and hair artist Lo Dias and the award-winning, face & body MUA Anna Lingis. Appearing alongside global mega brands like L'Oreal, Barry M, Smashbox, Urban Decay and many others, Niré Beauty was providing brushes from our PRO Collection. Choosing from a selection of 24 brushes, both artists got to build their own bespoke sets into Capsule Collections.

Kicking the day off bright and early we arrived at the Smashbox London studio to finish setting up and welcome the students. Lo was the first one to take the stage creating a flawless glowing look for her beautiful model Enya. With the word “blend” soon becoming the theme of Lo’s tutorial, the Niré 208 Fluffy Blending brush and the Niré 102 Contour/Highlighting Brush seemed to be her go-tos creating the perfect luminous look with lots of highlighting and Lo’s signature blown out eyes. While thoroughly talking us through the different products and techniques she used, Lo created that perfect glowing look that we all desire, managing to leave her model looking flawless, yet fresh and natural.


Once the blending and the highlighting was done, the students headed to their stations and using exactly the same Capsule Collection that Lo used in her class, tried to recreate the look. While attempting to carefully follow the instructions we have to say that we didn’t quite nail that, but we thoroughly enjoyed the process!



Next up, was Anna with her gorgeous model Brook. Using 15 Niré Beauty brushes, some body paint and an incredulous amount of glitter, Anna took us through creating a sparkling ice queen look. Same as Lo, Anna soon resorted to some Niré 208 Fluffy Blending brush lovin’, but rather than blending the hell out of it for the blow out eye, Anna used it for lips. Her other top choice became the Niré 142 Smooth Angle HD Kabuki brush that helped to build the blue ombré effect down Brook’s neck and chest. Anna brushed and tapped, and blended, turning her model into the most gorgeous mystical creature in less than an hour.


After being completely awed by the talented Anna, the students headed back to the stations to recreate the sparkling look. With lots of glitter and face jewels provided in the goody bag, the students got creative turning themselves into bejeweled ice queens and we… We just gave up! Clearly the mastery of MUA is yet to be brushed up (we warned) among the Niré Beauty team.

Following a day of hard work, some bubbly was most definitely due and with a glass of Prosecco in hand the selfie-taking, makeup-talking, tips-sharing commenced. And while we didn’t manage to take enough notes and pictures to be able to share every amazing tip and every grand makeup revelation we got throughout the day, we took a videographer (thanks Nick – being the only man in the masterclass he managed to seem deeply interested in all the MUA talk) alongside to capture the glam of the event.



Below is a video from the day, with more great insights to come in the following weeks. So stay tuned for our future blogs, vlogs and other exciting content – we’re here to help you brush up your MUA game!

With Love,
Niré Beauty