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With Winter in full swing, we can finally kiss goodbye to those hot Summer days of makeup melting down your face and get ready to unleash your true beauty potential, complete with bright colours and even brighter glitter. In the spirit of kissing goodbye to summer and hello to the party season, we’ve decided to share our top tips for creating the perfect party pout this December. 

There couldn’t be a more perfect time to be a bit more daring and try out a bold lip than the festive season. Bright lip colours can be tricky to get right since they’re hard to get rid of if you go wrong, but get them right and it’s 100% worth it. Here’s our top tips for bold lips:

Start With a Lip Liner 

Whilst many people don’t see lip liner as a vital part of their makeup routine, when it comes to wearing bright bold lips accuracy and precision are important to get a nice clean look so always use a lip liner first to help you draw clean lines and create a great shape. Plus, lip liners also help to prime your lips for lipstick, meaning your lipstick will apply better and stay on longer, as well as looking brighter if you use a lip liner underneath. If you don’t happen to have a lip liner you can always use an eyeliner brush like our 513 angled liner brush by dipping it in your lipstick then using it to outline your lips.

Lip Brushes are Key 

Like lip liners, lip brushes tend to fall under the radar when it comes to makeup brush favourites, but when applying bold lipsticks they can be the secret to success. If you want to avoid smudges, mistakes, and uneven lines, we recommend using a lip brush like the Niré 550 Retractable Pro Lip Brush instead of applying directly from the tube. Dip your brush into your lip pot or lipstick and use it to accurately apply your bold colour over the lips. P.S. This is also a great way to blend your lip liner into the lipstick and avoid any harsh lines. 

Add a Sprinkle of Glitter

If you want to take your lips to the next level, follow the steps above to achieve the bold colour you want, then add matching lip glitter for a pout that truly pops. After lipstick, apply your glitter glue to lips using an old brush or lip gloss wand, then using your lip brush carefully apply glitter all over the lips. This can be tricky so to save time you can also use a larger lip or concealer brush like the Niré 155 Concealer Brush to apply the glitter.
P.S. You can also use your concealer brush with concealer to clean up the edges and correct any mistakes or smudges you might have made.

Don’t Forget the Top Up

It can be really heartbreaking spending a lot of time crafting the perfect lip look for it to smudge and fade away through the night. Although drinking your drinks through a straw does help, we always recommend taking your lipstick and lip brush along with you for a quick top up. There’s also nothing worse than your favourite bright lipstick ending up all over your bag, so make sure to choose a lip brush that is retractable or has a cover, or both. That way if you don’t fancy taking your lipstick out with you, you can preload your brush by dipping it in the lipstick then pop the lip brush cap on to save it for later! 

Follow our four top tips and your lipstick should be popping all night long. Wear it with confidence and make sure you tag us in all your pics so we can see what you’ve created!